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Land, Air & Sea

• Explore possibilities for the construction of new road networks to reduce congestion on major roads
• Undertake a comprehensive road audit with plans to repair and maintain all the nation’s roads
• Strengthen the national public transportation system through dialogue with the National Council on Public Transport, the National Transport Board and all other stakeholders
• Implement the fuel price adjustment mechanism to reduce the cost of fuel with a trickle-down effect to the consumers
• A reliable and modernized public transport system to serve the needs of residents and visitors alike

• Improved and more affordable transportation services between Antigua and the sister isle of Barbuda as well as neighboring islands
• Subsidize air transportation costs between Antigua and Barbuda
• Ensure Air Traffic control services with special emphasis on upgrading the Radar System
• Ensure compliance with all regulations of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA)
• Enhance all services and systems at the VC Bird International Airport with emphasis on security, maintenance and repair and human resource capacity building in key areas
• Fully operationalize the range of services that can be offered by the Transport Board, including the Vehicle Repair Workshop