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Strategic External


• Ensure Antigua and Barbuda’s external relations are characterized by a rigourous assertion of the nation’s independence and sovereignty
• Undertake to restore Antigua and Barbuda’s image and reputation internationally
• Continue to play a leading role in the regional integration process (OECS, CARICOM)
• Advance the agenda for South-South cooperation
• Establish deeper diplomatic relations with non-traditional partners in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa
• Pursue a rigorous economic diplomacy program based on respect for sovereignty and mutually beneficial development projects

• Restore the quality of Antigua and Barbuda’s relationship with key international organizations such as the UNDP, IMF, UN and World Bank
• Restructure the Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Service to eliminate excesses and inefficiency caused by political patronage, to include a policy of rotation of Foreign Service Officers
• Greater collaboration with and engagement of the Diaspora in promoting Antigua and Barbuda’s foreign policy positions
• Operationalizing the Office of Diaspora Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister with a view to deepening the role of the Diaspora in national development
• Greater representation of Antigua and Barbuda and its nationals in the various regional and international organizations.