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Message from the

Political Leader

Joanne M. Massiah

We invite you to share in our excitement as we launch the DNA Website!

In 2017, in a bold unprecedented move, the DNA launched our new, fresh, dynamic political party forged by the people, for the people… and gave our unbridled commitment to advocate for a different type of politics and a new style of Leadership for our beloved country and our deserving people. In the face of many challenges, we have stayed the course!

“Young people like myself are targeted for Entrepreneurial growth, education, leadership and wealth”

Jermilla HunteDNA Member

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Hope is on the horizon…

The launch of our website is a continuation of our commitment to remain available and accessible to you. Our interactive, informative and educational platform provides new opportunities to strengthen our connection with you. Embrace this digital portal as a place to learn more about our leaders, our Party, our policies, philosophy, and ideology as well as, an information expressway to keep your informed about our work. We encourage you to recommend it to your family, friends, associates and others and to share your feedback with us! We remain committed to listening to you and to incorporating your ideas, suggestions and recommendations into our policies and program designs…

The DNA is determined to deliver on our motto, “Prosperity for All” and to afford our people the opportunity to experience transformational leadership. We appreciate your ongoing support, prayers, encouragement, love and optimism as together WE WILL usher in a new era of good governance, accountability and integrity in public life!

We have heard you. Your deep desires to break the cycle of an unchecked two-party political system is palpable. My friends, my people, this is the season of transformation and we assure you that with the election of a DNA government, hope will be on the horizon

We encourage you to stay informed, remain alert, be vigilant, be prayerful and become a DNA member in 2021.

Yours in service,

Joanne M. Massiah

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WE WILL usher in a new era of good governance, accountability and integrity in public life!