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Governance &


• Pursue a rigorous and people-centered Constitutional Reform
• Enact legislation to establish fixed election dates
• Establish an All-Party Tax Reform Commission to design a comprehensive taxation policy based on equity and fairness to all. This Commission will complete its work within the first 6 months of the DNA administration
• Restructure the public service to eliminate wastage and improve efficiency
• Devise a project for Public Service Reform with a view to combining all Established and Non-established public servants into a single Civil Service
• Implement a sound local government framework to empower communities and promote civic participatory democracy
• Improve industrial relations and dispute settlement capabilities
• Strengthen oversight of the work of statutory bodies to ensure greater transparency and accountability
• Enact legislation to control, monitor, and rigorously police the financing of elections campaigns by political parties
• Greater collaboration with the media to ensure it plays a critical role in the democratic process