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Agriculture and


  • Focus on achieving an acceptable degree of food and nutrition security

  • Greater incentives to farmers to grow more food and help reduce the import bill, including providing secure leases for farmland with the right to construct their residences thereon

  • Create all necessary conditions to encourage a shift towards the agricultural sector as a means of promoting self-employment

  • More support to farmers in terms of subsidies, water supply, and infrastructure such as agricultural feeder roads

  • Strengthen the framework of the Central Marketing Corporation so there are greater linkage and collaboration with farmers. The CMC will be transformed into a “One Stop Shop” to purchase designated crops from farmers and market these locally and abroad.

  • Designate several cash crops that farmers and backyard gardeners will produce for sale to the CMC to be processed into secondary products in production facilities that will be established for such purposes. These cash crops will include corn, aloe vera, sea island cotton, sugar cane, and cannabis.

  • Review existing commodity platforms to enhance access to local and regional markets

  • Revamp the schools’ feeding program with an emphasis on purchasing from local farmers

  • Assistance to fishermen regarding the cost of fuel and the duty on imported equipment

  • Encourage the creation of farmers and fisherfolk cooperatives