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Kelton Dalso

Catalyzing and Delivering Change!

Some people ask “what is the Democratic National Alliance doing today?”   I am delighted to tell you.  We are the newest, freshest and most dynamic political establishment in Antigua and Barbuda!

Politicking is strategic thinking and moving with precision and that’s the new kind of dynamism and delivery we bring to our politics. 

We continue to embark on our monthly mobilization and recruitment drive in which our Welcome and Orientation session is a key component.  For 2021, we have hosted four (4) sessions on the zoom platform which continue to be exciting, rewarding and successful.   In this forum, members and prospective members are afforded the opportunity to see and hear greetings and plans from our Political Leader as well as from other Executive members and Team Leaders who share our policies, programs and prescriptions all of which are integral to the redevelopment of our economy and society and which represent the new kind of politics which we yearn for and deserve are committed to delivering to our wonderful people in our beloved twin island state.

We are not all about talk and our participants are able to interact with us and to share their views and opinions, ask various questions and seek clarification on any of our policies. To date, the feedback has been both overwhelming and humbling as they have stated how impressed they are with the new politics which we intend to implement as a government in waiting. 

As a result of these new and traditional methods of reaching the electorate, we have observed a steady increase in our membership.  We remain optimistic that more of you will join us in our collective fight to chart a new destiny for our people and country and align yourselves with the DNA which is the only political institution with the credibility and commitment to restore our country’s name and take our people forward.  

Our vision is “to catalyze and deliver the transformation of Antigua and Barbuda” and in so doing, deliver our motto, “Prosperity for All”.  We invite you to visit our website at to keep abreast of developments in the DNA and look forward to receiving your membership application.  

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