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Economic Diversification is at the cornerstone of the Democratic National Alliance’s policy initiatives for Antigua and Barbuda. It is only through well thought out and purposefully developed policies and legislation that we will cultivate and advance a long-term, strategic, sustainable social and economic national redevelopment plan for Antigua and Barbuda.

Given the recent attention and focus on the cannabis industry, DNA spokesperson on the issue, Louis Rivera, views the current cannabis regulations as restrictive and will impede entry to the industry for locals who may be interested in investing in the sector to capitalize on opportunities. Rivera stated, “if the government is serious about diversifying the economy, it is duty-bound to devise ways to empower locals first.” Rivera added, “sustainable growth and meaningful benefits will be realized from the value-added products to include, pharmaceuticals, oils, body care items, shampoos, etc”.

The DNA urges the government to review the current situation and proposes that the existing licensing fees be reflected in EC Dollars and not US Dollars and further, that these fees be reduced by fifty percent (50%) to be more affordable to locals.

It is paramount that all opportunities for economic empowerment are extended to citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda and that government actively facilitates the inclusion of our people above and beyond the consultation process to ensure that are able to invest seamlessly in projects and guarantee Prosperity for All.

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