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The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) condemns the malicious damage to the  campaign vehicle of one of our candidates which occurred overnight. Vincent  “Vere” Cornelius, our candidate in the St. John’s Rural East constituency, was  utterly shocked and alarmed when he discovered this morning that his campaign  vehicle had been vandalized. He observed that a missile had been thrown into the  windscreen which caused the glass to shatter and crack in all directions thereby  rendering it temporarily inoperable. The country is already grappling with the  reality that escalating crime is crippling our nation and that the government appears  impotent to quell such violence. 

The DNA respects the democratic right of all persons to participate in general  elections and to associate with political parties of their own choosing. Since our Party was launched approximately 10 months ago, the DNA has been mounting a  spirited and vigorous ground and social media campaign against its two main political opponents designed to ensure our victory at the next general elections.  However, we totally condemn and repudiate any and all acts of violence,  intimidation, victimization and fear which have, in recent times, begun to characterize our politics. We call upon ALL political operatives and their  supporters to cease and desist from resorting to violence in the campaign. This  dastardly and cowardly act clearly demonstrates that the DNA is a serious  contender to win the polls slated for March 21st, 2018. We ask our supporters to  remain resolute in their support for the DNA. 

The Leadership of the DNA is urging both the UPP and the ABLP to condemn this  recent act of violence and to mirror its actions as expressed in the Party’s Pledge to  the nation, specifically Pledge #2 which commits “To put country above Party and  self.” 

The DNA will continue to advocate for and demonstrate our unqualified  commitment to a different type of politics and a new style of leadership!  


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