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The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is aware that a political opponent has  placed on his Facebook page a photograph of our candidate for the St. Phillip’s  South constituency, Karis Barton, posing with a firearm in a shoe store. The  photograph was taken in a foreign country several years ago while on a vacation  with friends. The passage of time and maturity has caused Colleague Barton to  appreciate that a moment of adolescent posturing can convey a wrong impression  and cause detractors to manipulate such a situation. 

Colleague Barton knows all too well the irreparable harm which guns can inflict  given the indescribable pain and suffering which he endured as a child when his  father was brutally gunned down. In a single moment, his life was changed forever.  As an emerging leader, he is concerned about the escalating incidences of crime  generally in our society and in particular, those involving the use of illegal firearms.  He is fully committed to ridding our society of the scourges of crime and violence.  

While we are aware that our political opponents are comfortable in the realm of  gutter politics, the DNA will continue to advocate for and demonstrate our unqualified commitment to a different type of politics and a new style of  leadership! 


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